The Mob



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The Mob

"The Mob" is a dynamic and interactive installation that utilizes mechanical structures, optical sensors and audible components. 

When the audience moves the "enter" button, many of the mouths on the wall will begin to chatter.The words and sentences coming out of these mouths are uncomfortable but very commonly heard in our daily lives, which are either gossipy, irritating, dismissive, arrogant, aloof, imprudent, flattery, or ruthless... Particularly in the era of internet, it is easy for people to publish impetuous ideas. However, many people have never considered, or cared, how their statements would impact the people involved. “The Mob” is primarily a form of experience: Our participation leads to the chattering of these uncomfortable words and statements, and these words and statements instantly ran into our ears.

Because of our participation, we not only become one of “the Mob” that spits out unthoughtful statements, but also become the victim of the irrationality of “the Mob”. Such arrangement not only completes this work itself as a art piece, but also reflect the fact that in real life, every one of us can be either the initiator or accomplice of such verbal or language violence or even “murder”, and in a direct or indirect way, we can be the ultimate victim of such verbal violence.

This work is not trying to be a sermon, but rather based on real-life experience of verbal violence that besieged the artist. Therefore, this work is trying to present a state of being "besieged" so that everyone can have a similar experience of struggling. These mouths on this installation are not referencing to any particular person. They are based on physiognomy, which summarized the characteristics of facial features, bones and muscles, to depict people with a certain character.

“The Mob" will be a long-term project.


”乌合之众“是一个动态交互装置,利用了机械原理和感光发声原理。当观众去触摸 “回车”按键时,墙壁上的众多嘴巴就开始喋喋不休地说话。

这些话都是我们日常生活中很不经意会说出的话:八卦的、易怒的、不屑一顾的、自大的、袖手旁观的、轻率的、阿谀奉承的、不留情面的…… 尤其是在互联网的生活中,我们很容易轻率地发表自己未成熟的观点。但我们从未考虑,或是并不在意,我们的这些言论,对于当事者会造成怎样的伤害。因此“乌合之众”主要是一个体验的过程。因为我们的参与,我们才能够听到这些声音。也因为我们的参与,我们成为了他们的一员,不仅是在作品层面上使它完整,在现实生活中,我们每一个人都是互联网谋杀的参与者和帮凶。