Her Room in the Dream   Puppet Theatre & Electronic Installation  silicone、linden、motor、wax、acrylic etc.  Dimension of space :480*380cm  Height of puppet:100cm  2018-2019

Her Room in the Dream

Puppet Theatre & Electronic Installation

silicone、linden、motor、wax、acrylic etc.

Dimension of space :480*380cm

Height of puppet:100cm


Since I started making puppets, I somehow often heard voices from the inside of puppets’ body,  particularly when I was alone making puppets or after I performed with puppets.  

These voices often came in the form of dialogue. They flashed across my mind with lots of words and sentences rapidly and soon disappeared, like a designed program. 

However, I was rather curious than fear about it.  Even though puppets are made by a pile of inanimate objects, I believe they can create a magnetic field and  illusive sense of life through artistic processing. 

A strong curiosity about the essence of these strange voices pushed me to assume :Are they from my hidden personality, or from a wondering ghost residents inside the puppets?I actively looked for clues from both the inside and outside environment of puppets themselves each time I was making them or performing with them , trying to get closer to the answer. 

Eventually, I decided to make a container based on my appearance for these sound of dialogue. And then here it is, my miniature simulated puppet,and the associated work of “Her room in the dream”. 


“Her room in the dream”is an intimate dark space surrounded by red curtains. Everything inside belongs to the puppet girl.  She has the same appearance as mine, but her outfit, haircut, and memories had nothing to do with my real experience.  The whole setting emits a feel of warmness, but it’s actually a weird fictional cage. 

This room have two attributes:installation and performance.

When the main part(me, the performer) is absent, the puppet rests in yellowed white sheets, breathing calmly, and waiting for visitors. Once the audiences or visitors enter this room, they immediately surrounded by a mysterious intimate atmosphere. They can touch everything: a controller hanging above the puppet’s head, a pair of skin-color balloons constantly rubbing with each other,a piece of video of stream-of-consciousness style looping in an old television, an old refrigerator filled with silicone heart、face、hands and tongue,manuscripts scattered on the ground and the wall, a framed old photo of twin girls etc.…… the audiences are free to use many clues to construct the meaning of this room from their own perspectives.

For me , this room is a comprehensive interpretation about an energy field of “Matrix” which could breeds new things. As for puppet girl, I’m not her matrix. She is self- sufficient within her magnetic field. She can also be infinitely reproduced though matrix, just like  the inflatable doll, plastic toy or any goods produced by assembly line .

I actually sewed the matrix beneath the bed. It looks like another side of her, or  a reflection of her, just like how she is an epitome of me. Several red threads descend from the matrix’ body to the surface of a mirror. There are hence several confrontation in  the  room: me vs. the puppet, the puppet vs. the matrix, matrix vs. the image of the matrix in the mirror.

Once my performance starts, the whose space of this installation becomes an immersive performing space. I then starts a story about learning to escape. During the performance, I’m the controller of the puppet girl as well as the master of her: teaching her to breath, walk, and escape. She is trying to escape from matrix, and escape from being reproduced, to pursue and define the uniqueness of herself; She is also escaping from a world built by the invisible hands, and stumbles to look for her true self. In the end, I will cut off threads to her body and hold her body, a body without any manacle,and then leave this dim space,like escaping from an endless dream. 





材料: 硅胶、椴木、电机、蜡、亚克力等 



2018-2019 年 









主体不在场时,木偶平静地躺在泛黄的白色床幔上,匀速地呼吸,等待访客的到来。观众进入空间后,即会立刻融入暗淡神秘的私人化氛围,他们可以触摸房间里的一切物品:悬空于木偶头顶的粗粝的操作杆、一对不断摩擦发出沙沙声的肉色气球、循环播放着意识流影像的旧电视、放满心脏、脸、双手、舌头等硅胶人体实验品的旧冰箱、从地面一直延伸到天花板上杂乱的木偶制作手稿、一对双胞胎女孩泛黄的童年照片 ……观众可以自由地通过诸多线索去建构揣测他们眼中的这个小屋。