Sketch 0.1


Sketch 0.1

A puppet impromptu performance

Puppet & sounds、installation

Artists:Isabel Mager, Liao Wen, Xiao Lei
Dates: 30th of November , 2018
Location: 33 Space, Tongfuyu Industrial City, #171 Tangxing Rd.,Nanshan Dist.,SZ,CN


Sketch 0.1 is an impromptu performance, including string marionette, sounds and installation. The performance is a presentation of a long-term project of Isabel Mager, a German designer. The project focuses on the manufacturing of smart phones in Shenzhen. It discusses how the invisible factors such as: labors, environment, design, trading etc. drive the industry and impact the society.

In the performance, a string puppet was slowly crawling along a prescribed route under a huge container. At the same time, a video edited by Isabel was displaying the scene of manufacturing process in the Foxconn factory, robotic arms assembling parts of electronic devices, vessels transporting goods in harbor, etc. while ambient sounds derived from manufacturing scene were played by Xiao Lei.

The whole stage was fullfilled with sounds of heavy steel clashing and city wheezing. The string puppet is a symbol of small individual in the smart phone industry. It was restrained by horizontal lines painted on the floor and vertical strings controlling its body. The lines and
strings represent the rules and constrains on individuals in the industry.

sketch  0.1 木偶即兴表演


驻留艺术家:Isabel Mager、



地点:33空间 深圳市西丽同富裕工业城

Sketch 0.1是一场包含提线木偶、声音与装置的即兴表演。这场表演围绕德国设计师Isabel Mager关于深圳智能手机制业的研究项目,进行最终呈现。该研究中旨在探讨智能手机制造过程中的劳动力、环境、设计、贸易等不可被直观看见的因素,是如何驱动了行业的运转并产生了怎样的社会影响。

表演中,提线木偶在巨大的集装箱旁,按照被规定的路径缓慢地爬行。墙面上播放着由Isabel 采样剪辑的深圳富士康加工、机器人装配、码头运输等机械化流水线生产过程的视频,小雷对采样的加工装配环境音进行即兴创作。


shetch 0.1 海报.jpeg